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The Legacy of Sally Lake

There are some episodes of the Catholic Forum that are special, that have an enduring quality about them. One such episode is #238. This show featured Sally Lake, who was at the time in the final stages of cancer. She and her husband subsequently wrote a book, which was featured on episode #351. We'd like to share with you a recent note w received about that episode:

I knew Sally from the time I was 9 years old. Such a ray of sunshine...always made us laugh.
While Sally's life was ending, my little girl was dying. She had had a heart attack, 3 strokes, and a large tumor in her stomach....that was cancer. I would often say that "others could be going through much worse". Little did I know my dear friend was on her way to meet our Lord.
My daughter (12 years old) would survive. Will be tube fed the rest of her life. She has just learned how to walk again. God has been so good to us. 8 weeks in the PICU made our family closer.
I would very much like to purchase "Live, Love, Hope..The Sally Lake Story. I just watched the webcast with Andy and Anne, along with Deacon Jim...episode #351.
Please contact me with information on how to get this book. I was so blessed to have called Sally my friend !!!
In Christ,
~Wendy S.

Our Response:

Thank you for enjoying the webcast featuring Sally Lake and reaching out to us regarding finding The Sally Lake Story. We are happy to help in whatever way we can. I did conduct a search to find where it might be on sale and found it, interestingly enough, at the bookstore of Davenport University:

Young wife & mother facing terminal cancer gives hope to others as she shares the joys of living each moment in Christ.

Young husband discusses how his wife, Sally's, terminal cancer battle was transformative for their entire family in growing in intimacy & love of God and each other.