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News, What's News?

It's sometimes difficult to describe what is "news" when every day brings change! Certainly, since we started producing new shows in April, we have been on a journey, a learning curve and a mission. The update of our web site is another important element, as we recognize that the impact of our work may be largely beyond the broadcast reach of our local public access cable stations (though we love them and are delighted to be part of their mission as well). We are very grateful for the work that was put into it by our webmaster, Mike Endres at

Things have been changing technically, as well, as our home station WKTV has been upgrading equipment in its studios, which brings the need for adaptation and sometimes a new bump in the learning curve, but ultimately will yield a better viewing or listening experience. We hope that you will enjoy and be edified by the new shows we're producing, and will consider taking part in making these shows just the starting point of an ongoing conversation, through our new Catholic Forum Forum, in which we can discuss episodes old and new and can lay the foundation for future episodes. Thank you for your patience and support for us as we try to further explore Catholic faith, teaching and culture.

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