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Bring Catholic Forum to your local Community access cable station!

Many cable access stations require a local sponsor in order to air a show produced outside the local community. In most cases, there's not a whole lot of responsibility beyond signing a form. You can have a lot of influence because if there's one thing that public access stations love, it's to know that they're being watched! If you know of a local public access station that might be willing to carry our show, and would be willing to be our local sponsor, let us know the contact information of the station and we'll work with you and the station to see if we can bring our show to your local airwaves!

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The Catholic Forum
Would you like to show Catholic Forum on your station?

If you work at a local community-access station and would like to add the diversity that the Catholic voice can offer your programming, we have over 470 episodes of programming available to you. Episodes are available via our shared file site. You're welcome to download them for broadcast; all that we ask is that you provide your station information and broadcast schedule for the shows, so that we can publicize the show and your station on our web site.

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TV Broadcasts
Anywhere, anytime… eventually!

While we are pleased that technology now allows us to have many episodes of our show available here and on Vimeo, we are extremely proud and grateful for the distribution channel that gave rise to this apostolate over ten years ago – the local cable public access channel!

It is the commitment to providing new content for these stations (as well as the desire that others should come to know the joy, rationality and purposefulness that is offered through Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular) that has provided the motivation to generate over 470 shows over last decade. It is also through access to the facilities of our home station, WKTV in Wyoming, Michigan that we are able to produce these episodes with such a ridiculously low budget!

So, we are proud to keep kickin' it old school, and salute those people that staff the public access cable stations around the country, maintaining one of the last venues in which the various voices of the community (including those of faith) are given relative freedom to coexist and speak their piece, peaceably. Let us pray that this form of media will remain relatively free of government intrusion even as we are grateful for the government intervention that gave rise to these stations in the first place!

Our goal is to make our show available on cable access stations throughout the country and be on the air somewhere at every hour of the day, emulating the Mass, the prayer offered perpetually around the globe. This page will let you know how things are coming along in that effort, as well as giving you the opportunity to see if we are available in your community and the opportunity to help make the show available locally if it isn't ...yet!