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We invite you to join the conversation through this website, through your comments, questions and suggestions, that we may encourage each other to fully explore so great a treasury of faith.

Catholic Forum Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a forum, through cable television and Internet broadcasts, in which local conversations may explore universal aspects of Catholic teaching, practice (both liturgical and practical), and culture, both in order that these might be better understood by those outside the Church and better appreciated by those within, and that our audience might be invited into a conversation of grace and experience the fullness and richness of the Catholic faith in Jesus Christ.

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Latest Episodes

The Limits of Omnipotence
#482 - Absent No Longer

As he was growing up, Marty Best came to think of God as an "absentee landlord". He describes how after 20 years of addiction, he became aware of God's presence and personal care and forgiveness.

Rebuilding the Foundations of Catechesis
#483 - The Development of Liturgical Music

We're joined by Dr. Daniel Page, who helps us consider the use of song in the Mass throughout the history of the Church.

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